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This site is dedicated to helping families learn how to explore the world without breaking the bank. Whether you want to explore the United States, trot the globe, or just get to know your backyard better, it’s possible to achieve your goal and still have money left over to meet your other financial goals.

As an experienced personal finance writer, I’ll also share some thoughts on how you can get your finances in order to make travel more of a priority in your life.

Who is The Thrifty Wanderer?

My name is Ben, and I’ve been in love with traveling since 2009, when I spent six weeks in Fiji on a humanitarian trip. My group spent our weeks working in villages working with the locals, but our weekends were all about fun.

I went whitewater rafting and skydiving, spent sunny days on white sandy beaches, and took a short but incredible trip to explore New Zealand’s North Island.

In 2013, I first learned about how lucrative credit card rewards can be. Since then, I’ve owned more than 70 credit cards, often to take advantage of their massive sign-up bonuses and special travel perks.

Through those credit card rewards alone, I’ve earned well over $30,000 in “free” travel (no trip is 100% free).

During my travels, I’ve also learned other ways to save without sacrificing the experience. I’d like to share some of those tips with you.

Becoming a thrifty wanderer means you will...

Learn how to earn free and discounted travel through the use of credit card rewards.

Find tips and tricks for making trips with small children easier.

Learn how to align your money management with your goal to travel often.

Discover new destinations you can add to your bucket list.

Feel inspired by the travel experiences of others.

Hear about the best apps, services, and tools to save and make the most out of your next trip and every trip after that.

Getting off on the right foot

There’s so much information out there on how to save money and travel more, and it can be hard to know where to start. Check out these guides to get some of the basics down then feel free to start reading everything else.

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